PAWS-GIST Clinics re-open!

PAWS-GIST Clinic -October 2021

Well, it has been a momentous week for the PAWS-GIST Clinic..
On Thursday 30th September and Friday 1st October, we hosted the first clinic since November 2019 after which everything shut down when the pandemic struck…

A lot has changed in that time;
– The hotel that we have used since 2014 has closed down, so we had to find a different hotel
– We needed to find a new venue for the PAWS-GIST Clinic welcome dinner, near to the new hotel
– Even the clinic space at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge is new …

Seven PAWS-GIST patients and their families travelled to Cambridge to attended this clinic.

Coming to the clinic for the first time can seem a little daunting but the ice was well and truly broken at the welcome dinner.


For all but one family, this was the very first time they had met another PAWS-GIST patient. Sharing backgrounds and experiences in a relaxed and friendly setting is hugely beneficial and as the photographs and feedback show, some lasting connections were made.







“We got so much information, advice and support whilst in Cambridge and met some amazing people, both fellow patients and specialists. Knowing that the expert support is there is a massive support for me and my family”

We are so pleased that the clinic has been able to re-open and are looking forward to the next one on 3rd December.

Thank you so much Dr Bulusu, Dr Casey, Professor Maher, Dr Giger and the team for your skill and dedication. 

You are making a massive difference to our patients lives and progressing the vital PAWS-GIST research that is needed, if we are to improve treatments and find a cure.

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