GCUK Patient Meetings - 2015 Video Reports

A Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumour is rare, but you are not alone!

Southampton Meeting - October 2015


Welcome - Nic Puntis (Chair)


Learning the language of GIST - MDT, CT, MRI, DGH . . 
Dr Peter Simmonds - Southampton University Hospital

New Research into GIST
Dr Robin Jones - The Royal Marsden

Living and caring in this GIST world 
Dr Claire Foster - University of Southampton

GCUK - its progress and future plans
Nic Puntis and Trustees - GCUK

Manchester Meeting - April 2015


Welcome- Nic Puntis (Chair).


What is a CNS?
Sarah Welby - The Christie

Nutrition with a Damaged Gut
Jayne Bressington - GIST Cancer UK

Getting the Best Care?
Dr Mike Leahy - The Christie

Progress and Future Plans
Jayne Bressington - GIST Cancer UK