GCUK Patient Meetings - 2016 Video Reports

A Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumour is rare, but you are not alone!

London Meeting - October 2016


Welcome- Nic Puntis (Chair).

Developments in Diagnosis, targets & new drugs for GIST - Professor Ian Judson, Consultant medical oncologist

Leading Edge Research into Sarcomas
Janine Salter - Biobank Manager,Biomedical Research Centre, Royal Marsden

The Role of Complementary Therapies
Jeannie Dyer - Clinical Lead for Complementary Therapies, Royal Marsden

GIST Case Studies - Dr Palma Dileo, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Sarcoma Unit, University College Hospital

Nottingham Meeting - 4th March 2016


Welcome and Introduction to the Trustees- Nic Puntis (Chair).

Current Learning and developments in GIST - Dr Ivo Henning, Consultant Oncologist, Nottingham City Hospital

The ups and downs of Regrafinib Treatment - Michael Sayers, Patient on Regorafinib

Dosing Management on Anti-cancer Drugs - David Falconer, Former Pfizer National Lead on Sunitinib for GIST

The Value of Mutational Testing - Dr Philippe Tanière, Consultant Histopathologist

Communication Issues between Diagnosis and Treatment - Led by the Trustees