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Educational material & Publications to help with the management of GIST patients

Educational Video - For GP's and Primary Care Clinicians

We are delighted after many years of work to launch this educational video for GP's and Primary Care Clinicians.


GP and Cancer lead for Gloucestershire, Dr Sadaf Haque discusses the "Possible presentation in Primary care of GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour)" with leading UK GIST specialists Professor Robin Jones, Dr Charlotte Benson & Mr Satvinder Mudan.

The conversation is further enhanced with expert clinical input from Professor Ian Judson and is followed by three GIST patient stories illustrating their pathway to a GIST diagnosis.

Please watch the video here:


  • To recall that GIST is a type of sarcoma
  • To distinguish signs and symptoms that may warrant further investigation
  • To identify red flag symptoms or signs that suggest an urgent suspected Cancer referral is recommended.
  • To review the impact of treatment and side effects for people with GIST sarcoma.

Please share this educational material with your colleagues.


We have a number of  Publications available which you may find helpful. Most are in the form of PDFs which can be downloaded. Alternatively you can email us at and ask for a hard copy.

All of our publications on the subject of GIST have been written in collaboration with leading GIST specialists who are members of GIST Cancer UK's Medical Advisory Board.