Managing Oncology Treatment Side Effects


All drugs have the potential to have side effects.
Every patient is unique, some patients have virtually no side effects, and many people find that the side effects they have at first become less of a problem after time. You should always discuss any side effects that you are experiencing with your consultant who may be able to prescribe medicines to tackle them. If you are one of the very few unlucky people for whom the side effects become intolerable, and nothing seems to help, it may be possible to lower the dose.
We have pulled together a collection of videos covering some of the more common side effects of treatment and how to tackle them this collection also includes a video taken at one of our patient meetings and the discussion with patients that followed.
We hope that you find them helpful:



Skin Irritation

Nausea and Diarrhea


Oral Mucositis

Managing Side effects

Dr Carys Morgan - Clinical Oncologist

& Nurse C Methven – Velindre NHS Trust, Wales

Managing Side effects



The Role of Complementary Therapies

Jeannie Dyer - Clinical Lead for Complementary Therapies, Royal Marsden

Diet, Exercise & Managing Side Effects

Vicky Rockingham MBE - GIST Patient