New Sarcoma & GIST – Early diagnosis course for Health Professionals

GIST Cancer UK are delighted to have worked with online cancer education specailists GatewayC to develop a new course available to health professionals entitled ‘Sarcoma -Early Diagnosis’.
GIST is classified as a Sarcoma

This new course aims to support identification and early diagnosis of Sarcoma and GIST and
increase confidence in clinical decision-making regarding referral on a suspected cancer pathway.

Healthcare professionals can earn 1 hour CPD (continuing professional development) by completing this and can log in or register to @GatewayC using this link

The hour long course will support healthcare professionals to:
• Understand the different types of sarcoma
• Be more confident in recognising and exploring potential symptoms of Sarcoma & GIST
• Increase confidence in decision-making in relation to Sarcoma and GIST referrals
• Understand the role of primary care investigations when diagnosing Sarcoma and GIST
• Understand the importance of safety netting patients’ symptoms and investigations

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