National Sarcoma Survey 2020

We are doing our best to improve the data that is held by Public Health England and the NHS so that there is a better understanding about GIST and sarcoma.

Our friends at Sarcoma UK have just launched a survey covering all sarcomas and GIST, with the aim of gathering new and updated data on sarcoma patient and carer experiences to be used to influence national policy.

To ensure that everyone affected by sarcoma is able to have their voice heard through this survey, there are 3 formats available to be filled in:

  • one for patients(aged 16+)
  • one for parents of children with sarcoma (under 16s)
  • one for close family members/carers of sarcoma patients.

The survey covers a range of issues, including patient symptoms; diagnostic and referral experience; access to treatment and correct care; access to rehabilitation services; side effects of treatment (psychological and physical);  support from charitable organisations.

The following link will take you to the survey which does not take long and is very easy to complete.

National Sarcoma Survey

Please help to complete the survey so that GIST patient experiences and needs are included.

Thanks for your help.

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