GCUK Patient Meetings - 2022 Video Reports

A Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumour is rare, but you are not alone!

Bath Meeting - March 2022

We held our first "In-Person" GCUK Patient & Carer meeting in on 4th March 2022 and were joined by forty-one parients, carers and supporters to see and hear presentations from our specialist friends:
  • GP and Cancer lead for Gloucestershire - Dr Sadaf Haque who launched our Educational video for GP's and Primary Care Clinicians "Diagnosing GIST". Which has been designed to raise awareness and a better understaning of the possible presentation of GIST.
  • Chief Scientific Officer & Founding Director of RareCan - Professor Andy Hall, engaged with our audience to give an illuminating presentation on "Patient driven research".
  • Consultant Oncologist - Dr Ramesh Bulusu and Sarcoma Specialist Pharmacist, Laura Ferro Lopez discussed "Generic Imatinib - Facts & Myths"
  • Jayne Bressington GCUK Vice Chair & Patient Director PAWS-GIST presented an Update of GCUK activities since October 2021.

Patient Meeting, Bath, March 2022 Q&A  Sessions were incorporated into each Presentation

Welcome & Introduction – Nic Puntis, Chairman

Diagnosing GIST PART 1 – Jayne Bressington & Dr Sadaf Haque

Diagnosing GIST PART 2 – Jayne Bressington & Dr Sadaf Haque

Diagnosing GIST PART 3 – Jayne Bressington & Dr Sadaf Haque

Patient Driven Research – Professor Andy Hall

Generic Imatinib Facts & Myths Dr Ramesh Bulusu & Laura Ferrera

Imatinib Facts & Myths – Questions & Answers

Update and closing remarks – Jayne Bressington