GIST Patients in the News!

In recent weeks, two of our GIST patient community have been featured in the news …

PAWS-GIST patient Rachel Gilbert was diagnosed when she was 15 years old. In December, Rachel marked 20 years since her diagnosis with a daily video in the run up to her 20 year “cancerversary” to raise awareness of the need for effective treatments for PAWS-GIST patients.

You can read Rachel’s interview here


Lee Brown’s charity fundraising has been applauded.

Lee has raised significant funds for GIST Cancer UK and other charities supporting those who are vulnerale, whilst also being treated for GIST cancer himself!

Lee’s interview can be read here.

Lee’s GCUK justgiving page


We really appreciate your help in raising awareness of GIST Cancer and raising funds to help improve the outlook for GIST Cancer Patients
Thank you both for sharing your stories!
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